Snow Plow

After staying dormant for a couple of months due to the unusual warm winter, finally the snow plows were back into action today. As someone from a tropical country, I’m always amazed at this snow removal technique. Basically snow plows are trucks or tractors with blades attached to the front side. The blade is used […]

Winter Scenes from Hendrick Avercamp

This year, Albany’s winter has been unseasonably warm. It’s almost the end of February, but the school has never been cancelled due to the snowstorm. The snow actually came pretty early (on October 30th, when trees still even have their leaves). But other than the three or four days with couple of hours of snow, […]

Say Cheese: Mom’s Kaastengels Recipe

Snow comes early to Albany this year. It started a couple of days ago, and today on this Halloween weekend the snow is again falling heavily.  For me, snow means Christmas is coming and that it’s almost time to be baking cookies! In my hometown Manado, there are kinds of cookies that people love to […]