Update: More Heartbrand photo collection!!

In You Say Potato, I Say Potayto, I shared about how nice it is to find something similar in different settings. One of the things I love to see (and photograph) is how the Heartbrand logo is the same but called differently in different countries. I’m happy to report that I’ve got more collections of […]

You Say Potato, I Say Potayto

One of the things I love about traveling in Europe is I can really feel that I’m in a foreign land. Whenever I travel out of Holland, for example, I enjoyed watching how the usual uitgang (exit) sign turned into sortie in France, uscita in Italy, salida in Spain, or výstup in Czech. Easy way of […]

Ich Liebe Dazs: Love for the German Ice Cream

Have you ever done something stupid, collectively? I have. I mean, we have. We’re a bunch of Indonesian students who traveled together to Düsseldorf, Germany. The day was a little bit chilly, but we decided that we should have an ice cream. How can we skip the ice cream? We’re in Germany and we want […]