Dim Sum at Sanur Harum

Like many of my go-to restaurants in Sanur, I first found out about Sanur Harum from my sister. She recommended Sanur Harum as the best dim sum food in Sanur. At first, I was a bit skeptical┬ábecause Sanur Harum is the restaurant of Sanur Paradize Plaza hotel, located right inside┬áthe hotel (base floor). And you […]

Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day in Den Haag

August 17 is the Indonesian independence day. In Indonesia, people celebrate it with many kinds of community events following the flag ceremony in the morning. What about the Indonesians in Holland? They also celebrate their home country’s independence day by flocking to the Indonesian embassy. That’s what I did when I was in Den Haag. […]

Klappertaart, a Lekker Indonesian-Dutch Dessert

If you have the chance to visit Manado-North Sulawesi one day, you’ll find another Dutch-influenced dessert: Klappertaart (literally, coconut tart). It is a popular dessert in Manado, and a lot of bakeries are making good profit from its high demand (in 2011, the price for one 8-inch round cake pan is around $28, quite pricey […]

Brenebon, Marrying Dutch & Indonesian in a Bowl

Ask any Manadonese about their favorite dish, and I’m sure a lot of them will say that it’s the Brenebon soup. It is one of the yummy marriages of the Dutch and Indonesian cuisines. Brenebon is from the Dutch words bruine (brown) and bonen (beans). It is a soup that mainly consist of red kidney […]

Endless Welcome Parties

I’m starting to wonder if I’m here for studying or for partying. It has been 3 nights in a row that I’m attending welcome parties, and more are coming! Let’s count how many welcome parties that you may have, if you arrived one week before the the classes begin like me: Campus Welcome Party. It’s […]