Biking in Bali

RELIEVED! That’s how I felt when I first reached my office by bike. It was only my second day of work here in Bali and at that time I just came back from the US after living there for some years. I was not afraid that I’d be lost, but I realized I was not […]

Riding on Two Wheels: Here and There

You may say that cycling is just cycling: you get on a bike and starts pedaling. But I say that your cycling experience can be really different, depending where you are. Let’s take a look on how cycling in Holland is different than cycling in Albany, NY. (I’d love to share about cycling in Manado-Indonesia […]

Don’t Stop Biking

A few weeks ago I attended a conference that talks about poverty. The workshop presenter invited the participants to quickly mention things that come into mind when they think about poverty in the United States. People mentioned things like homelessness, unemployment, poor housing condition, food insecurity, illness (can’t afford expensive health treatment)… and suddenly someone […]

Cozy Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is always relaxing and peaceful. The traffic is not busy, and so one of my favorite Sunday morning activities is to bike to church. The church is located at Bezuidenhoutseweg 157, and so it was a pretty long bike ride from my place in Scheveningen. It’s not that it’s really far…. but I’ve […]