Massimo’s Gelato

One thing I really love doing on the weekends is visiting Massimo restaurant to enjoy their gelato. Massimo is an Italian restaurant in Sanur, and I’m lucky enough to live within a walking distance from it.


Realizing my Paradise

“I bet these people never realize that they live in such a beautiful place,” says aroonh82 or whatever name of the person whose comment I happen to read under a Youtube video, some years ago when I was still living in Albany. That day I was missing Holland’s parks, canals, trams, trains and all the […]

Tracing the Dutch Heritage in Albany through Tulips

Albany is a city with a rich Dutch heritage. Around 1609, it was the Dutch who established the Fort Orange at the site of the present-day Albany. To celebrate the heritage, every year during the Mother’s Day weekend a Tulip Festival is celebrated at the Washington Park in Albany. This year, however, the tulips are […]

Snow Plow

After staying dormant for a couple of months due to the unusual warm winter, finally the snow plows were back into action today. As someone from a tropical country, I’m always amazed at this snow removal technique. Basically snow plows are trucks or tractors with blades attached to the front side. The blade is used […]

Riding on Two Wheels: Here and There

You may say that cycling is just cycling: you get on a bike and starts pedaling. But I say that your cycling experience can be really different, depending where you are. Let’s take a look on how cycling in Holland is different than cycling in Albany, NY. (I’d love to share about cycling in Manado-Indonesia […]