Winter Scenes from Hendrick Avercamp

This year, Albany’s winter has been unseasonably warm. It’s almost the end of February, but the school has never been cancelled due to the snowstorm. The snow actually came pretty early (on October 30th, when trees still even have their leaves). But other than the three or four days with couple of hours of snow, […]

Vincent van Gogh and the Story of Pain and Passion

One of the things I learned from living in Holland is this: whenever the weather gets nice, we better go out and make the most of it. Holland’s weather is notorious for being dark, cloudy, and wet. So anytime the sky is clear and the sun is out, the Dutch knows that they need to […]

For Movie Addicts

Hey, if you’re a movie addicts, I have something to tell you. Once you’re done with setting up your bank account, applying for residence permit and all other stuffs, there’s another thing that you should quickly apply for: the Pathé Unlimited! For 18 Euro per month, you can watch movies all you want! That’s really […]

Liberation day

It’s Liberation Day, 5th of May! It’s a Dutch National holiday (Bevrijdingsdag) to mark the end of occupation by Nazi during WW II. There is a minute of silence, to remember and honor the dead. There are also festivals at most places in the Netherlands. I decided not go to any festivals… I guess something […]