First Day Itinerary to Beat the Jet Lag

Last Saturday, Nesso Indonesia held a Pre-departure Briefing for hundreds of Indonesian students who are going to study in the Netherlands this Fall semester. Most of them will be leaving by August or by early September the latest. How exciting it must be to begin a new adventure as a student in a foreign country! […]

Zabi is missing

This morning, as usual, my alarm sings that song, Wherever You Will Go. And as usual, i press the ‘snooze’ button without thinking – oh please…i deserve another 9 minutes. And of course, in the next 9 minutes the alarm started to sing again. It’s my favorite song, but still, i just find it to […]

Endless Welcome Parties

I’m starting to wonder if I’m here for studying or for partying. It has been 3 nights in a row that I’m attending welcome parties, and more are coming! Let’s count how many welcome parties that you may have, if you arrived one week before the the classes begin like me: Campus Welcome Party. It’s […]