Biking in Bali

RELIEVED! That’s how I felt when I first reached my office by bike. It was only my second day of work here in Bali and at that time I just came back from the US after living there for some years. I was not afraid that I’d be lost, but I realized I was not […]

Stalking a City

It’s sick, but I guess sometimes I’m a little obsessed with Den Haag. It often gets worse on the weekend. I would spend the whole afternoon stalking the city by tracing its online presence. My favorite is to watch people’s videos on Youtube. I’m grateful for all the Youtube users out there who diligently created […]

still an alien

I remember when I was dealing with the visa application to Holland. I found it so funny and strange to be called an alien. Yeah, the word alien always reminds me to something extraterrestrial; the invaders! That’s why I always thought like, hellooo… I have 10 fingers here and not 6, why do you people […]

Home: Which one?

The sun was out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, giving me a chance to go out with my cousin to Omniversum. Then as i got back here in my room, it became all dark, cloudy and windy again. I’m not complaining though… since i went through the melting temperature in those hot […]