Visiting Hogwarts

A few weeks ago I won a ticket to be a visiting muggle to the Hogwarts. Of course, Harry PotterĀ  – the boy who lived – has long graduated from the school so I didn’t meet him, but still the visit was really interesting. I was granted permission to publish some public photos of the […]

Tracing the Dutch Heritage in Albany through Tulips

Albany is a city with a rich Dutch heritage. Around 1609, it was the Dutch who established the Fort Orange at the site of the present-day Albany. To celebrate the heritage, every year during the Mother’s Day weekend a Tulip Festival is celebrated at the Washington Park in Albany. This year, however, the tulips are […]

Vincent van Gogh and the Story of Pain and Passion

One of the things I learned from living in Holland is this: whenever the weather gets nice, we better go out and make the most of it. Holland’s weather is notorious for being dark, cloudy, and wet. So anytime the sky is clear and the sun is out, the Dutch knows that they need to […]

Pepper Sprays, Gunshots, Bruises, and Bargains

There are kinds of foreign traditions that always leave me puzzled. Like how the thousands of Dutch jumped to the freezing Scheveningen beach with their shorts and bikinis to celebrate the New Year. Or how the millions of American shoppers waited outside department stores for many hours in the cold in order to get Black […]

Fifth Autumn

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus Fall is a very beautiful season, with the green leaves turning into bright yellow, orange, and red. Whenever I look out my window, I’m always amazed to see all the beautiful vivid colors… It’s like the nature is giving out its best […]

Volunteering: Give and You Shall Receive

My birthday is coming up! Just like my other birthdays, I don’t have any special plans because I never care much about birthday celebration. I’m also not one of the people who makes birthday resolutions. I do, however, like to take a moment around my birthday to remember all my blessings and to be grateful […]