Tentang Depresi dan Menghakimi

Minggu pagi kemarin ada berita mengejutkan saat saya membaca twitter feeds. CNN, Huffington Post dan banyak media besar lainnya menulis bahwa putra dari Pendeta Rick Warren bunuh diri. Setiap tindakan bunuh diri adalah sebuah tragedi, tapi berita ini sepertinya terasa lebih mengejutkan, terasa lebih tragis, khususnya buat komunitas Kristen. Kita cenderung berpikir bahwa tindakan bunuh […]

Soul Searching & Spring Cleaning

How do we pretend to be busy before the internet age? I happen to read that question posted by a random user when clicking through Yelp’s website. Certainly that question was meant as a joke, but it got me thinking. It’s true that there’s always status to update, thoughts to tweet, photos to upload, places […]

Snow Plow

After staying dormant for a couple of months due to the unusual warm winter, finally the snow plows were back into action today. As someone from a tropical country, I’m always amazed at this snow removal technique. Basically snow plows are trucks or tractors with blades attached to the front side. The blade is used […]

Inspiring Love Story from an Expat Couple

Three years ago during this time of year I was busy making preparations to go to the US. When I resigned from my job, applied for a visa, said goodbye to my family and friends, I explained that I need to move to another country in order to be together with my husband. That’s true, […]

The Best Age to Go for Your Grad School: When?

Most of my friends in my generation were born in 1982, including me. That means this year in 2012 we will be turning to the big Three-O!!! As we entered the month of February, one by one my friends are starting to have their milestone birthdays. Mine is not coming up until the last quarter […]

It was Holland: a Poem by a Friend

Today I’m going to share a poem written by a friend of mine, Rilda. The two of us shared some similar things. We both are Indonesians who got scholarships to study in Holland. We both studied Women, Gender and Development at the same year. And I don’t know if it was a fate or mere coincidence, […]

The Humble Oily Ball

Look at this photo. Can you tell me the name of the pastry? I guess depending on where you come from, we may have different answers that are all correct. The Dutch would call it oliebollen, the American would probably call it the munchkins, and we the Indonesian would call it bolang-baling! They’re all the […]

While You Were Sleeping

Sleep researchers categorized people into two: the “larks” and the “owls.” The larks refer to the morning people; those who prefer to go to bed early, wake up early, and are most productive during the first part of the day. The owls are the contrary. They’re more alert at night so they prefer to go […]