Massimo’s Gelato

One thing I really love doing on the weekends is visiting Massimo restaurant to enjoy their gelato. Massimo is an Italian restaurant in Sanur, and I’m lucky enough to live within a walking distance from it.


Say Cheese: Mom’s Kaastengels Recipe

Snow comes early to Albany this year. It started a couple of days ago, and today on this Halloween weekend the snow is again falling heavily.  For me, snow means Christmas is coming and that it’s almost time to be baking cookies! In my hometown Manado, there are kinds of cookies that people love to […]

Klappertaart, a Lekker Indonesian-Dutch Dessert

If you have the chance to visit Manado-North Sulawesi one day, you’ll find another Dutch-influenced dessert: Klappertaart (literally, coconut tart). It is a popular dessert in Manado, and a lot of bakeries are making good profit from its high demand (in 2011, the price for one 8-inch round cake pan is around $28, quite pricey […]

Brenebon, Marrying Dutch & Indonesian in a Bowl

Ask any Manadonese about their favorite dish, and I’m sure a lot of them will say that it’s the Brenebon soup. It is one of the yummy marriages of the Dutch and Indonesian cuisines. Brenebon is from the Dutch words bruine (brown) and bonen (beans). It is a soup that mainly consist of red kidney […]