Nusa Lembongan: Trip to the Other Side

Nusa Lembongan is an island, located about 30 minutes with speed boat from Sanur. Sanur is nice but I often wonder about how this neighboring island looks like. That’s why one day, I decided to make a trip to the other side.


Massimo’s Gelato

One thing I really love doing on the weekends is visiting Massimo restaurant to enjoy their gelato. Massimo is an Italian restaurant in Sanur, and I’m lucky enough to live within a walking distance from it.

Update: More Heartbrand photo collection!!

In You Say Potato, I Say Potayto, I shared about how nice it is to find something similar in different settings. One of the things I love to see (and photograph) is how the Heartbrand logo is the same but called differently in different countries. I’m happy to report that I’ve got more collections of […]

Tentang Depresi dan Menghakimi

Minggu pagi kemarin ada berita mengejutkan saat saya membaca twitter feeds. CNN, Huffington Post dan banyak media besar lainnya menulis bahwa putra dari Pendeta Rick Warren bunuh diri. Setiap tindakan bunuh diri adalah sebuah tragedi, tapi berita ini sepertinya terasa lebih mengejutkan, terasa lebih tragis, khususnya buat komunitas Kristen. Kita cenderung berpikir bahwa tindakan bunuh […]

Visiting Hogwarts

A few weeks ago I won a ticket to be a visiting muggle to the Hogwarts. Of course, Harry Potter  – the boy who lived – has long graduated from the school so I didn’t meet him, but still the visit was really interesting. I was granted permission to publish some public photos of the […]

Soul Searching & Spring Cleaning

How do we pretend to be busy before the internet age? I happen to read that question posted by a random user when clicking through Yelp’s website. Certainly that question was meant as a joke, but it got me thinking. It’s true that there’s always status to update, thoughts to tweet, photos to upload, places […]

Snow Plow

After staying dormant for a couple of months due to the unusual warm winter, finally the snow plows were back into action today. As someone from a tropical country, I’m always amazed at this snow removal technique. Basically snow plows are trucks or tractors with blades attached to the front side. The blade is used […]

You Say Potato, I Say Potayto

One of the things I love about traveling in Europe is I can really feel that I’m in a foreign land. Whenever I travel out of Holland, for example, I enjoyed watching how the usual uitgang (exit) sign turned into sortie in France, uscita in Italy, salida in Spain, or výstup in Czech. Easy way of […]

Kröller-Müller Museum

Kröller-Müller is one of the great museums in Holland that, for some reasons, is often not visited by international students. Maybe because its location is a bit inconvenient to be reached by a public transportation. It’s going to take some walking from the bus stop to the museum, but I say that in sunny day, […]