Sidemen, a Village in the Valley

Going to the mountain area offers a nice variation, especially because I currently live so close to the beach. But I used to wonder where to go that doesn’t take that much travel time, until a local friend of mine recommended me Sidemen village.  Sidemen is located in East Bali, just about an hour drive from Sanur. […]

Dim Sum at Sanur Harum

Like many of my go-to restaurants in Sanur, I first found out about Sanur Harum from my sister. She recommended Sanur Harum as the best dim sum food in Sanur. At first, I was a bit skeptical because Sanur Harum is the restaurant of Sanur Paradize Plaza hotel, located right inside the hotel (base floor). And you […]

Ricefield Reflection

It is so easy to forget that Bali is not just about beautiful beaches; the island also has wonderful lakes, waterfalls, and mountains too! And up in the north, there are some rice terraces with breathtaking views! Here I’m taking you to Jatiluwih, a village located in Tabanan regency. Tabanan is the area that has […]

Realizing my Paradise

“I bet these people never realize that they live in such a beautiful place,” says aroonh82 or whatever name of the person whose comment I happen to read under a Youtube video, some years ago when I was still living in Albany. That day I was missing Holland’s parks, canals, trams, trains and all the […]

Biking in Bali

RELIEVED! That’s how I felt when I first reached my office by bike. It was only my second day of work here in Bali and at that time I just came back from the US after living there for some years. I was not afraid that I’d be lost, but I realized I was not […]

Update: More Heartbrand photo collection!!

In You Say Potato, I Say Potayto, I shared about how nice it is to find something similar in different settings. One of the things I love to see (and photograph) is how the Heartbrand logo is the same but called differently in different countries. I’m happy to report that I’ve got more collections of […]

Tentang Depresi dan Menghakimi

Minggu pagi kemarin ada berita mengejutkan saat saya membaca twitter feeds. CNN, Huffington Post dan banyak media besar lainnya menulis bahwa putra dari Pendeta Rick Warren bunuh diri. Setiap tindakan bunuh diri adalah sebuah tragedi, tapi berita ini sepertinya terasa lebih mengejutkan, terasa lebih tragis, khususnya buat komunitas Kristen. Kita cenderung berpikir bahwa tindakan bunuh […]

Visiting Hogwarts

A few weeks ago I won a ticket to be a visiting muggle to the Hogwarts. Of course, Harry Potter  – the boy who lived – has long graduated from the school so I didn’t meet him, but still the visit was really interesting. I was granted permission to publish some public photos of the […]