Sidemen, a Village in the Valley

Going to the mountain area offers a nice variation, especially because I currently live so close to the beach. But I used to wonder where to go that doesn’t take that much travel time, until a local friend of mine recommended me Sidemen village. 

Sidemen is located in East Bali, just about an hour drive from Sanur. It’s a hidden valley not far from Mt. Agung, and it is a rice-growing area so you’ll definitely can enjoy the view of beautiful rice terraces. It truly is a  peaceful place, perfect for relaxing and going away from the busy life in the city.



Not just the rice fields, Sidemen has the beautiful views of the mountain also.

Not just the rice fields, Sidemen has the beautiful views of the mountain also.

If you like quiet time like me, Sidemen is the place as not so many tourists know about it. I sometimes wonder that perhaps Sidemen is like Ubud back in 10 years ago. During the day you can hear birds and roosters, while in the evening the “music” changes into the sound of insects and frogs that live in the rice fields.

We stayed at Sawah Indah Villa, and it was a very nice experience. The staffs were very attentive, and they have a restaurant also. The food was just okay, but at least it’s readily available in case you don’t feel like going out to find places to eat. What I like the most about this place was it’s located by the rice fields owned by the locals so you can still see the farmers ploughing the field, spreading the seeds, and so on. The place was private, yet it didn’t feel exclusive or cut off from its surrounding. 


View from my room at Sawah Indah Vila. I saw a family of farmers working on the field diligently throughout the day here.

Infinity pool at Sawah Indah Villa

Infinity pool at Sawah Indah Villa

Even though Sidemen is located in higher elevation, the air is not cold especially compared to places like Bedugul. We spent the night watching the full moon outside. In the morning, we decided to do a little hiking around the village to see the village life. Parents took their children to school, farmers going to their fields, and some open their small kiosk. It’s another day at this small, beautiful village.

Thanks Sidemen for the nice getaway. I hope that you stay as peaceful and as green as it is right now for many, many years to come.


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