Massimo’s Gelato

One thing I really love doing on the weekends is visiting Massimo restaurant to enjoy their gelato. Massimo is an Italian restaurant in Sanur, and I’m lucky enough to live within a walking distance from it (hence the frequent trip with my dog, Hazel). Massimo is known for their superb brick oven pizza, and of course also for their gelatos.

Ready for some gelato?

Ready for some gelato?

You can have the gelato with various sizes of dishes, and also with cones. The cones come in three flavors: chocolate, pistachio (green), and sugar (the regular one). Prices are very reasonable, starting from Rp. 20.000 (2US$) for two generous scoops. Very affordable pleasure! I can assure you that the price and quality is the best compared to other gelato places in Sanur.

So what choices of gelato that they have? A lot, and they continuously invent something new! They have the sweet ones such as chocolate, coffee and hazelnut (among others), and also the sour ones such as blueberry yogurt, kiwi, raspberry, and so on. The display is also very interesting, and it’s difficult to make up your mind when you are standing in front of the counter! When that happened I usually go for my default choices: hazelnut and pistachio (you can find real pistachios inside!).

In Albany there is my favorite bakery that sells a very good gelato also (Chrisan at the Lark Street). I’m very happy that I found a comparable one here in Bali! Thanks to my sister for introducing me to Massimo’s gelato, I’m really hooked up. And thanks, Massimo. With you, my love affair with good gelato continues…


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