Realizing my Paradise

“I bet these people never realize that they live in such a beautiful place,” says aroonh82 or whatever name of the person whose comment I happen to read under a Youtube video, some years ago when I was still living in Albany. That day I was missing Holland’s parks, canals, trams, trains and all the familiar places. I then decided to spend my time watching videos people posted about some Holland cities, and that was when I bumped into that comment.

That random comment really struck me and that must be the reason why I still remember it after many years. What if I’m the one who live in that beautiful city and I was too preoccupied with life that I don’t even realize the beauty surrounds me? Or what if I was aware the beauty, but because it’s so accessible I became less appreciative? It is so easy to take things for granted.


That man in the photo was reading his kindle all the way through this beautiful park in Albany NY. I wonder if he realized that he’s underneath a beautiful tree, that looks this pretty only in spring time.

Now that I’m living and working in Bali, I constantly remind myself of the same thing: that I’m blessed with another chance to live in such a beautiful place, and I should not be so immersed in all the daily routines that I forgot to appreciate it. “People fly from all over the world, spending their time and money just to be able to be here,” I keep telling myself. It’s just a shame if I can no longer be amazed by all the different colors of frangipanis, can no longer smell the fragrance of the incense that Balinese people burn to go with their offering, or can no longer hear the birds happily sing to welcome the morning.


This is just one of the beautiful colors of frangipani, locally called jepun in Bali.

I don’t want to forget, I don’t want to be distracted. 

I want to be present, I want to be attentive.

That comment really was an eye opener, I owe that random person a thank you!


Look at these beautiful canang (offering)! They go with the fragrant incenses. I took this photo in busy Ubud streets, I’m glad at that time my sis and I got the chance to actually admire these canangs. Wonder how many tourists missed these.



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