Snow Plow

After staying dormant for a couple of months due to the unusual warm winter, finally the snow plows were back into action today. As someone from a tropical country, I’m always amazed at this snow removal technique.

Basically snow plows are trucks or tractors with blades attached to the front side. The blade is used to push the snow to the side of the road. This is an efficient way for making sure that the roads are still accessible for cars even during snowstorms.

Today I took some photos of the snow plow vehicle, this was the one provided by the Department of General Service of the city of Albany. On the back side of the truck, there’s a kind of small machine that sprinkles some generous amount of salt to melt the snow. Pretty awesome 🙂 

Happy snow day!!


4 thoughts on “Snow Plow

    • Thanks Pul, yes I thought that it would add more contrast to the picture. Besides, the sky and everything else were pretty much colorless during snow days 🙂

  1. I’m translating sponsors’ letters now and most of them wrote the same thing: unusual warm winter! The weather here also changes so quickly….
    By the way, I love those B&W photos! 🙂

    • Thanks, Liv. There are more series of the photos, I was just too lazy to upload them all hehe…

      Yes most of the time the temperature is above average, like right now it’s around 0-10C… which is great because our electricity bill is not as high as it was last year 😀

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