You Say Potato, I Say Potayto

One of the things I love about traveling in Europe is I can really feel that I’m in a foreign land. Whenever I travel out of Holland, for example, I enjoyed watching how the usual uitgang (exit) sign turned into sortie in France, uscita in Italy, salida in Spain, or výstup in Czech. Easy way of learning more foreign vocabularies! This is something that I miss when I travel here in the United States, where even to the furthest place the signs and language remain the same 🙂

I like to take photographs of the common things that people have in all countries, such as the police or ambulance, just for the sake of remembering the different names that different people use for the same thing.

Austrian Police

Carabinieri, Italian Military Police

Police Nationale, Paris.

Similarly, I also enjoy collecting the different names of the Unilever Heartbrand ice cream. Depending on where you are, you might recognize it with different names. In my home country Indonesia, we call it Walls. In Holland, it’s called Ola. In Spain it’s called Frigo. Here are some of my collections, pardon the photo quality since I usually just took a quick snapshot with my cellphone while roaming the streets as a budget traveler 🙂

In Czech Republic it's called Algida

Austrian called it Eskimo

HB in Ireland (photo courtesy of Evita Pangaribowo, a friend who also collects Heartbrand photos).

I realize that there are still many more photos that I can collect from visiting different countries. Take a look at this compilation of Heartbrand logos:

Unilever Heartbrand Logos, from Wikimedia

I take this as a reason to do more traveling in the future. Vive la difference! 🙂


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