It was Holland: a Poem by a Friend

Today I’m going to share a poem written by a friend of mine, Rilda. The two of us shared some similar things. We both are Indonesians who got scholarships to study in Holland. We both studied Women, Gender and Development at the same year. And I don’t know if it was a fate or mere coincidence, but both of us also happened to meet our husbands when we were in Holland. No doubt that Holland was, and still is, a special place for us.

Maybe this was one of the reasons why both of us love to write about our experiences in Holland.  The difference is, I’m just a random blog writer while Rilda has written lots of interesting articles and short stories. The collection of these short stories has been published in a book called Kereta Pagi Menuju Den Haag (Morning Train to The Hague). If you want to learn more about the book (currently written and published in Indonesian), please visit its facebook page. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy her beautiful poem:

It was Holland
With its shiny white windmill
And bright oranje sail
The man on the boat was smiling
‘Hoi hoi,’ with southern song, he was singing

It was Holland
With its green Maas River and Sint Servaasbrug
An old stone bridge with flying pigeons,
the old Saint and a seagull screams

It was Holland
With its grey-blue sky and strong wind
When the breeze asked the grass on the river bank to sing and dans
Cha … cha … cha …

It was Holland
In one sunny day
When I met a man
Who said to me, ‘Ik hou van jou’
It spells
: I Love You

(Rilda Taneko, Lancaster, 15 March 2011)

The houses, the canal, and the bike. It was definitely Holland.


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