Next Year, Baby!

This time of year, I hear so many people making plans and resolutions for the coming year. Are you one of them? I used to, some years ago. Now I still write a private journal at the end of the year, but mainly it’s for helping me to remember all the things that I’m grateful about throughout the year. I don’t really make grand plans for the future and for my future self.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer in pursuing one’s dream, and I know making plans is sometimes important if not required. But when it comes to jotting down things that I want to do for self-improvement, well, I don’t think so.

The reason is I believe that there’ll always be aspects in life that I want to improve, and it’s going to be a lifetime process. So as long as I promise myself to try to be a better person every day, I should be okay. This way, I don’t have to feel burdened by anything and I don’t have to take myself so seriously. I need to be a better person, but I don’t have to be that perfect person that I often imagine when I’m writing a resolution at the end of the year.

Maybe this is why I love the song written by Jamie Cullum, a talented Jazz singer from Britain. It’s called Next Year, Baby. It’s actually a love song, saying that on the coming year the writer plans to tell the significant other about his feelings. But the writer also makes fun of his own resolution:

Next year, things are gonna change..
I’m gonna drink less beer
And start all over again

I’m gonna read more books
Gonna keep up with the news
Gonna learn how to cook
And spend less money on shoes


Well resolutions, baby they come and go
Will I do any if these things?
The answer’s probably no…

Each year, this song reminds me to take it easy since we all have some things that we need to work on. Maybe sometimes we fail, but we don’t need to wait until next year to start all over again. Perhaps all we need is to take those baby steps, every single day.

So folks, happy new year from Books, Bikes and Beyond. I wish you better days ahead, but also remember to try to enjoy the now – with all the shortcomings that we have.

Carpe diem!


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