9/11 in Tribute

In the United States, September 11th is the Day of Service and Remembrance. It is the day to honor those who were lost on September 11th, 2001. It is also the day to pay tribute to those who rose in service in responding to the aftermath.

People observe the anniversary of 9/11 by serving, volunteering, and furthering the acts of compassion toward others. I found it so powerful, how a day full of painful memories is turned into a day full of kindness.

The spirit of sharing and doing good to others is universal. You don’t have to be an American citizen, or someone directly affected by 9/11 to be inspired to do something to observe the day. I guess this is why there are more and more people worldwide who are taking a part in joining the 9/11 tribute movements, such as the one organized by a non-profit called My Good Deed.

You too can join by pledging any good deed that you will do to pay tribute on 9/11. You can post your tribute online on 911day website, post it on facebook/911day, or tweet it (use hashtag #IWill).

One of the things that I decide to do to pay my respect is by writing a post about the benefits of volunteerism, and how my life is different thanks to my volunteering experiences.

What will you do on 9/11 in Tribute? Will you join the movement?
I will.


4 thoughts on “9/11 in Tribute

    • Yes it is indeed encouraging to know that there are such movements that is transforming pain into power! Hopefully there are more and more people who are inspired by it.
      ps. Thanks for reading and also for all the retweets, Linda! I appreciate it. No, YOU rock!

    • Hello Lonni,
      thanks so much for sharing the RAK website. Great concept and very resourceful! Teachers, mentors, and anyone working with children should definitely check that out.
      Also, keep on doing the wonderful things that you do šŸ™‚ Thanks for reading and commenting.

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