State Street Stories

Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s not… but I’m now living in another city that has a strong Dutch heritage. It’s Albany, the capital city of New York State.

Albany was first settled by the Dutch in 1629. It used to be called the Fort Orange (referring to the House of Orange, the royal family of The Netherlands.) In 1664, the British took over and renamed the city in honor of the Duke of Albany. However, the merchants from Dutch continued to have strong influence over the city.

Today, thanks to a good preservation efforts, we can still witness a lot of Dutch heritage in Albany through its historic buildings. Every morning during summer as I go to work, I would bike along the State Street. State Street had its start during the Dutch colonial era. So in this city’s oldest main street, you’ll be able to find a lot of buildings that will remind you to the Dutch architectures. Here are some of the photos. Enjoy!

Built in 1880, these buildings are now turned into apartments.
Another charming building in State Street. See the person sunbathing outside to scale the height of this old building.
It’s Dutch-like, don’t you agree? Slender buildings. Cookie cutter housing. Suitable for downtown area.
Dutch Renaissance Revival building. Now being used by the Rockefeller Institute.

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