Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day in Den Haag

August 17 is the Indonesian independence day. In Indonesia, people celebrate it with many kinds of community events following the flag ceremony in the morning.

Flag Ceremony at the Indonesian Embassy - Den Haag

What about the Indonesians in Holland? They also celebrate their home country’s independence day by flocking to the Indonesian embassy. That’s what I did when I was in Den Haag.

With fellow Indonesian students, we all went biking to Wassenaar and attended the independence day celebration there. For a moment, you won’t even realize that you were in Holland. Everybody was speaking in Indonesian and dressed in kebaya or batik, the Indonesian traditional clothes.

We were there not for getting together with other Indonesians in Holland, nor for enjoying the live music with Indonesian songs… No, we were there for one mission: to eat all of the Indonesian food that we miss!!!

There are hundreds of certified vendors selling many kinds of Indonesian dishes, ranging from spicy sate to sweet es cendol. The price for each food item was around 5-7 Euro, which is not cheap considering the small portion. But oh well, at least you’ll get to eat all the food that you miss!

If you’re an Indonesian student in Holland, you may also want to attend Pasar Malam Indonesia (usually held in early Spring, in Malieveld). Or if you want free Indonesian food, you can attend the Ied celebration at the embassy. Enjoyment for your taste buds (without pain for your wallet) guaranteed!

Photo from KBRI Den Haag


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