Fly High, Pride Flag!

June is the Capital Gay Pride Month in Albany, New York. The rainbow flags are everywhere, reminds me to the usual sight in Holland.

This year, June is even more special for the LGBT rights activists and for all who believes in equality. A bill for same sex marriage was finally passed on June 24th and the law will be active by July 24th 2011. The bill (Marriage Equality Act) was passed by the State Assembly three times already, but it was rejected by the State Senate in 2009. But this year, NYS finally becomes the 6th state in the US that legalizes same sex marriage.

I know that it may be mind boggling to think that out of the 50 states, there are only 6 states that have legalized the same sex marriage. It seems that the progress is really slow here in the US, especially considering that countries like Holland has legalized same sex marriage since a decade ago. But the bright side is, if you look at the public poll, the majority of American public is now believe in marriage equality (for comparison, in 1996 there was only 25% of American public who supported same sex marriage).

Just like in Holland, I love to take pictures of the Pride Flag. It symbolizes diversity, inclusiveness, hope, change, openness, harmony, spirit, and a lot of other beautiful things.

“I am gay, and this is where I pray.” Rainbow flag at the First Presbyterian Church, Albany NY.

My neighbor flying The Stars and Stripes together with the Rainbow Flag.

Let me end this post by quoting John Legend’s tweet: “Happy that New York passed marriage equality tonight. A victory for human rights. Progress. I guess New York will join 5 other states by descending into ‘anarchy’ now, according to that wide receiver.”

A victory for human rights, it is.

(More celebrity reactions about NY approval for same sex marriage can be found here.)


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