Stalking a City

It’s sick, but I guess sometimes I’m a little obsessed with Den Haag.

It often gets worse on the weekend. I would spend the whole afternoon stalking the city by tracing its online presence. My favorite is to watch people’s videos on Youtube. I’m grateful for all the Youtube users out there who diligently created and uploaded videos like parks in Den Haag, trip with tram no. 1, Scheveningen in summerPeace Palace, etc.

Another thing that I love to do is to go to Google map and find the satellite view of the city. I would revisit the familiar places and follow my biking route from home to campus, to centrum, to the supermarket and the like. Oh here’s the bike shop, here’s the flower shop, here’s the post kantoor, here’s the bibliotheek, here’s the tram stop! I found it so entertaining.

And it may sound so lame, but I follow @GemeenteDenHaag on Twitter even though I don’t understand Dutch! I guess since I have lots of fond memories about Den Haag, everything that reminds me to the city is pleasing for me.

I used to feel sorry for myself for doing this. It seems that all my fellow international students have moved on, or concentrated on building their career, family, their life, their future… while I often spent my time thinking about the past.

But then, what is so wrong about missing a city and the wonderful memories of the life that I used to have there? If that is something that makes me happy, I’ll keep on doing it. I move on by remembering what’s nice for me, and it doesn’t mean that I’m living in the past.

I remember part of the conversation between Liz Gilbert and Richard from Texas, on Eat Pray Love. Liz, of course, was not missing Den Haag. She was missing David her old boyfriend, and got depressed because she was trying too hard to resist the feeling.

“But I love him,” said Liz.

“So love him,” said Richard.

“But I miss him.”

“So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him…”

Amen. That’s what I’ll do every time I miss Den Haag. I’ll just miss it.


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