Great Brunch At Crunch

One of my fave cafe in Den Haag is Crunch, located in Piet Heinstraat which is just minutes away from my campus ISS. It was Kristian who took me there for the first time, then soon it became our favorite hang out spot.

The cafe is not that big, but surprisingly I found that the atmosphere is cozy. You’ll hear the usual buzz of people’s conversation in the cafe, but it’s not loud. The background music is good, and they know how to pick the perfect ones for lounging. A couple of times when I was there they played my fave Corinne Bailey Rae. The right companion for my koffie and koekje!

During the warmer months, they have a couple of tables outside. Just make sure that the servers are aware that you are there, since during lunch time it can be a bit busy. Inside, there’s a big table near the entrance and some smaller tables around the room. Don’t worry about sharing your table with others, you won’t feel uncomfortable since most of them will be lost in their reading anyway (or in their laptop, since the cafe has free wifi).

Their koffie tastes great (and organic too). Their taarten (like brownies and appeltaart) is a wonderful treat. They also have brunch/lunch menus such as sandwiches, salads, soup etc. Complete menu is here, click and you’ll see that they are inexpensive! My fave brunch menu is the Quiche met salade.

It is so refreshing to go there for brunch after attending the morning class (that is, the time when I feel like I was hit by a bus and desperately in need of caffeine to gain back my sanity :)). It also offers a great alternative from the boring ISS canteen food. And considering its proximity to the campus, no wonder that Crunch is also popular among my lecturers too! I tell you this so you know that Crunch attracts a variety of customers, not just students like us 🙂

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