Nusantara Museum, Delft

If you’re an Indonesian or have an interest about Indonesia, you might want to visit Nusantara museum in Delft!

I didn’t know about this museum when I was in Holland, another thing that I missed 😦 It seems that 16 months in Holland was just too short!

I just knew about this museum today when I bumped into this article in Jakarta Post. It was about a wayang (puppet) that was created by  Ki Ledjar Soebroto. He created wayang about Willem van Oranje, the Dutch founding father. How interesting!

It seems that this museum is not simply a museum, it can also be rented for events or even a wedding. It must be a wonderful place to enjoy…

If you’re based in Den Haag, you can just take tram 1 to go there. Or you can even bike there! I went to Delft biking with my dorm mates during summer, and the 7 of us had such a grand time touring around! Until my friend’s tire burst, lol! Luckily it was on our way home and we were close to inner Den Haag already.


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