For Movie Addicts

Hey, if you’re a movie addicts, I have something to tell you.

Once you’re done with setting up your bank account, applying for residence permit and all other stuffs, there’s another thing that you should quickly apply for: the Pathé Unlimited! For 18 Euro per month, you can watch movies all you want! That’s really a good deal.

You may think that as a student, you won’t have much time to go to the movies. Well… that was the reason that I decided not to get the monthly card. But I regretted it! Think about it, every time you go to a movie you will spend around 13 Euro per ticket. If you go to the movie at least twice in a month, then definitely it will make more sense for you to get the monthly card.

I’m in the US now and I wish Regal Cinemas here have that deal. Unfortunately, here Regal only offer a membership card that will allow you to collect points… You’ll earn one point for each dollar spent. You can keep accumulate your point and redeem it with a free movie ticket. But you know how many points that you need to have in order to get a single free ticket? 150!! That means you have to spend $150 for tickets first!

Ohhhhhh…. I really miss Pathe!


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