Love Story from Gondelstraat 31

We’re both from Indonesia but we live in two different islands. He was in Java while I was in North Sulawesi. We came across each others path in 2005, when we both got the scholarship to Holland.

We never took the same class and we were at different study programs. But some people called it fate, some called it coincidence. ISS placed us at the same dorm, at Gondelstraat 31. Sharing the same dorm means we bump into each other quite often. We went to social activities, grocery shopping, and bike trips together. He became my activity friend.

Some people called it love, some called it destiny. Those quick conversations at the kitchen table grows into hours and hours of umm… online chat. We talked about many things over our readings. We started to have ‘dates’ to the park to study together. He became my best companion.

After Holland, we had to be apart. He went back to his hometown, and I went back to mine. Our hours of hours of online chat stays, plus the emails, plus the calls. Only that I can no longer come up to his room and see him anytime I want to. No more biking to campus together, nor walking to the Scheveningen beach. It’s hard.

But next month, we’re going to end this.

We have to.

We’re going to get married, and hopefully we can be together.

And together, we will forever be thankful for our days in the Netherlands.


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