Grocery Shopping in Den Haag

It has been a couple of months now since I return to Indonesia. Just like a lot of my other Holland alumni friends, we are missing all the things and routines that we used to do in Holland, like grocery shopping.

You may think of grocery shopping as something tedious, but I love it 😀

Things that I love about grocery shopping in Den Haag:

  1. Instead of wasting plastic bags, you have to purchase and keep reusing a recyclable bag (I remember the first day I arrived in Den Haag, my senior took me to C1000 Supermarkt and I was surprise that I have to buy a bag :D). This is of course is environmentally friendly. People also use their own shopping trolley, especially comfortable if you are walking to/from the supermarket.
  2. They always have aanbiedingen. I think this was one of the first few Dutch language that I learned 🙂
  3. It will depend on where you shop of course, but most of the supermarkets have great fresh as well as frozen products. The arrangement was nice and the alleys weren’t so crowded.

There are C1000, Konmar, Jumbo, Albert Heijn, and Aldi. Generally, C1000 and Aldi are inexpensive. Konmar and Jumbo are mid-range price, and Albert Heijn is the more expensive one. Aldi is German-based, people often said that it’s for the low end market and the quality of the products are not as good. Well, I went there to buy stuffs for cleaning, tissues, and they sell the cheapest Merci chocolate!I have to say for food items, it’s not as good though.

So for food items, I often go to Albert Heijn since that’s the closest supermarket from where I lived (Gondelstraat). It was expensive for some items, but hey, you can always buy the supermarket brand! They’re cheaper. You can also get a membership card so you can make a good use of the aanbiedingen.

Here’s the map showing the supermarkets that I often visited, along with its route. Let me take you around:

Point A is for Jumbo Supermarkten BV, Van Bergenstraat. I didn’t go there as often since that one was the furthest. It used to be a Konmar, but I guess Konmar is going bankrupt so Jumbo bought its winkle. I only shop here with Kristian when we have spare time and wanted to bike around Scheveningen port.

The yellow point in the map is Aldi, and the pink one is Albert Heijn. There used to be a C1000 at the corner of Keizerstraat, it was actually the first supermarket that I went to in Holland! But they’ve closed it and replaced it with Kruidvat. Lastly, point B is my dorm!

How I miss doing the grocery shopping in these places! And I miss drinking appelsientje juice!


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