no cry…

Shake_it Last night I had my second farewell party, this time it was from the new batch in WGD class. It was as nice as the farewell party from Gondelstraat people, but this time as I found myself dancing, singing and laughing with them, I felt the sadness starts to creep in. Especially when we dance to our favorite song, Vulundlela ( I can’t help but thinking… where, how, and when can I possibly meet all these people and have such a grand time like this again? To see how Mofiz tried hard to follow the rhythm (which he was never successfully able to) or TD with her crazy moves, Dubravka with her elegant style… and Lillian who always looks so cool!

We sang together the Bob Marley’s song, this time as “no Gender no cry” as we remember the moments that we’ve been through, especially all the difficult and challenging times. Some of the new batches eagerly listen to our conversation, and sometimes show the expression of “I-hope-it-won’t-be-that-tough-this-year.” It’s funny that they express how envy they are to us, that we’ve almost finish the study. But as for us, we are envying how they seem to be so full of energy and ready for the adventure. Oh well… there’s a time for everything under the sun, isn’t it….


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