No TV!!

I miss Leonardo, the TV that was given to me last year by Kang Nur, an Indonesian old batch (yes, that’s one of the wonderful things about having an old batch who is also an international student… they’ll give you everything from rice-cooker to TV, since they won’t be able to bring it back to their home country anyway).

It was there in the corner of my room, accompanying me the whole year, including during the World Cup 2006 season. So sad that a few weeks ago suddenly it didn’t want to display anything, all went black and there’s no sound 😦


I remember watching Netherlands vs Portugal with Yoshi, Marcia and Kristian – and laugh about van Basten’s shirt that seemed to be too small for him hihihi…




I also miss the time when I would come home and watch Ally, Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville, then all the sitcoms that follows: Friends, Will and Grace, Dharma and Greg… 😦 Hey wait, how did I manage to watch all those series, anyway? I don’t know. All I know that right now I found myself missing those annoying Dutch commercials.



Oh well, you never know what you have ‘till it’s gone!




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