growing my research paper…

Last weekend I had a drink with some of the new batch after our program’s welcome party. We got into a conversation about my research, and Oil asked me a question: how did you do it? Ummm…. I have to think really hard for answering that question, especially because the process of doing my research has been rolling so fast that I didn’t realize that I’m here already; had presented my RP and now working on the second round of writing. How did I do that? No idea. All I do is just work and work each day, trying to make it grow. I remember the most difficult time for me was around June, where I have to decide the kind of seed that I wanted to grow, plus the fear that maybe I don’t have the right soil for it to grow, worry about the kind of tools should I use to help me cultivate it, and oh… what if the sun don’t shine, what if there’ll be too much rain, and so on.

Though sometimes can be so frustrating, it turns out to be a nice experience 😀 I came across a lot of new things. For example, I found some of amazingly long Dutch word such as Behandelingsovereenkomst (I just find it funny how one word can contain 25 letters, hihi….) Also, I met many people that I have never known before; those who help me by giving the materials I need to “grow” my paper.

Now I think the “root” is much stronger, compared in July when I had my RPD seminar. It has branches and leaves already (although some need to be further identified, whether they are leaves or branches hehehe…). Some also need to be trimmed (oh I don’t like that).

How did I do that? I still don’t know. I can only say that it’s impossible for me to make it this far if not because of God’s help. He provides me with all things that I need. He helps me get through each day. Sometimes I can make it productively, but there were also times like tonight where I spent most of my time looking at the ceiling, waiting for the inspiration to come 😀


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