The End is Near

Summer is departing; the cold gray clouds  are now covering the warm blue sky.

I had to pack my skirt, short sleeve shirts and my orange summer shoes, and take out those thick jackets from the closet, plus my scarf…

Have to get used to carry the lights for my bike again, since right now the sun likes to go bed early. It no longer stays there until 10 o clock at night as it was in June.

Today i decided to say goodbye to summer. And today i also realize that soon i may have to say goodbye to my ISS friends as well…

Sitting in our classroom 3.01, watching some of my friends presenting their research paper draft made me realize that the end is near. After these series of presentations, we will be dealing with the research on our own again, and we’ll be together only for farewell parties… some may not even stay that long.

At lunch, some of us were remembering the times we had as a class – all the funny moments and the struggle to wake up for attending those 9 o’clock classes… Talking about how serious the new batch are – which actually reminded us to ourselves when we just got here, and we laugh about it. We also discuss about places where we want to stay after the graduation, jobs that we hope to have… No more discussion about group assignments – things are just different.

Well, life keeps on turning.

All i can do now is welcoming the autumn which I believe, has it’s own beauty.Kristian4_002


3 thoughts on “The End is Near

  1. It’s the Circle of Life
    And it moves us all
    Through despair and hope
    Through faith and love
    Till we find our place
    On the path unwinding
    In the Circle….
    The Circle of Life…

  2. come here to down under.. we are now welcoming summer.. thongs, singlets, and short beach pants are now fill the wardrobe..
    bondi, manly, coogee and maroubra beaches are waiting to be touched….

    always look to the positive sides… and finally the begining of the end is the begining… (i forgot who said that.. a group band for sure hehehehe)

  3. All i gotta say that the end is the beginning!!!

    The past was over then the present is come to fill our life with a whole lots more moments that brighten up our journey!!!

    Li,r u gonna go back to Indo or stay there?? Gettin’ nu job, nu sweetheart..
    Miss ya..

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