Pay it forward…

Today, 1 September 2006.

With some friends I went to Schiphol to pick up the 17 new batch from Indonesia.

It’s like revisiting the past…. exactly a year ago where I landed at Schiphol early in the morning with all these luggage: Schippol4

I remember my mom was concerned about my luggage, who’s going to help me to carry all those when I get there? and i just said… oh don’t worry mom, there’ll be people who will help me. And yes, i was right – i still remember that heavy blue bag, it was mas Yanto and mas TB the old batch who carry it for me šŸ˜€

This year, i kind of understand the way it feels… not as the one who’s expecting help like i did last year, but as someone who can offer a little help. To bother waking up in the morning at 4:30, bike like crazy to Central Station to catch the train to Schiphol, wait there in the meeting point, teach them to buy their first train ticket, use strippenkart, answering soooo many questions… Well, that was exactly the things that the old-batch offered us. Now i know how it feels… It’s tiring but fulfilling because yeah.. you feel like you’re doing good things to other people. It’s just simply nice.

Schippol3_1 I find it so beautiful how people can pass on good things to do to other people like this. It’s so different with what we used to have in Indonesia: when you go to an undergraduate study (or even in junior high and high school), normally in the beginning of the study the old batch – or seniors, we call them- will ‘welcome’ us with passing on what they also get from their seniors. But no, don’t expect that they’ll be nice to you – asking you what you need and helping you to adapt, no… instead of the goodness what you get is hatred as the heritage from the seniors. And the year after, it’s normal for you to pass on this ‘heritage’ to another coming juniors. What a pity.

I’m so glad that it’s not that kind of negative thing that we’re passing on to them. What we share is the same kindness that we’ve got from the old batch last year. A little thing to do to help them enjoy the new journey that has begun, with a smile and not with worry, so with a big smile they can say: “oh, ini to ISS….” and proudly made a picture at the gate like we did last year hahaha….Just_arrived_1_sept_05_1

Well, i’m so grateful that i have time to stop and look back like this. To see how much i’ve been blessed since the very first day i arrived here. And I hope this kind of kindness will continue being passed on… We can never pay back to the old batch for things they did to us – but we can always pay it forward.


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