Home: Which one?

The sun was out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, giving me a chance to go out with my cousin to Omniversum. Then as i got back here in my room, it became all dark, cloudy and windy again.

I’m not complaining though… since i went through the melting temperature in those hot summer days, i learn to accept the weather as it is.

To give a little more appreciation for the cold weather.

To be happy, not depending on the circumstances.

To see the weather as not more than a thing to start a conversation:

“oh the weather is so nice today…did you go out?”


“it’s cold, eh… these days? i stayed in my room all day!”


So i decided to stop gazing at that big cloud that was hanging outside my window, and turn on my computer – reading mails in my ISS account.

Now as i have ended all my classes, checking the ISS account is no longer a tiring – time consuming activity. No more those heavy- difficult to understand mails from TD. No more mails for group work or tutorial arrangements. Now, it’s mainly mails from friends about travel plans to make use of NS zommer tarief, mails that says “count me in” for Scholas trip to Paris, notification about bulletin of journals… Nice.

But today i found one mail that made me feel somewhat mellow now. No, its not that kind of heavy- substantial mail. It’s just a mail from Cynthia, the student administrator department. She alarmed us that we should start thinking about booking flights to go home soon – for it may be difficult to get a flight in a peak December season.

And it made me realize, that one day – a day that is coming nearer- i’ll eventually pack my things, take down those three Bear Family pictures from the wall, empty my fridge, leave my plants, and say goodbye to a place that has become a home for me.

Already, I can feel that mix of feelings… on one hand i may be happy to meet my family and share my stories… but on the other hand i’d probably also feel sad for leaving my life in here.

I’ll be coming home… but strangely i’ll be leaving my other home at the same time.


Ah, the day hasn’t come yet.


Just keep swimming.


4 thoughts on “Home: Which one?

  1. I remember a good friend who did not have a place to call home:
    “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.”
    (Luke 9:58)
    At least we know that we shall never walk alone.

  2. Chrysant… jadi inget Home-nya Michael Buble…. (that’s so my experience… hehehe)

    Another summer day
    Has come and gone away
    In Paris and Rome
    But I wanna go home

    Maybe surrounded by
    A million people I
    Still feel alone
    I just wanna go home
    Oh I miss you, you know

    Another aeroplane
    Another sunny place
    I’m lucky I know
    But I wanna go home
    Mmmm, I’ve got to go home

  3. Yeah.. kinda irritated to leave the current place tho, but just dont loose hope! Somehow ya will be motivated to go back or somewhere else which will give ya more excitin experience!

    Meanwhile, enjoy the moments there, be grateful for everythin, and always, be narcist! haha

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