Zabi is missing

This morning, as usual, my alarm sings that song, Wherever You Will Go. And as usual, i press the ‘snooze’ button without thinking – oh please…i deserve another 9 minutes. And of course, in the next 9 minutes the alarm started to sing again. It’s my favorite song, but still, i just find it to be so annoying in the morning. Good thing it’s a cellphone alarm, if not then maybe I’d just throw it against the wall.

After 3 times of 9 minutes delay, i was finally awake. I walked straight to the kitchen, to make my morning coffee. This time, i decided not to drink my coffee while reading e-mails. Avoiding that routine, I climbed the stairs and sat there, to enjoy the warm sunshine on my back and have a small chat with Kristian.

My gaze bumped into these the 3 huge container of garbage at Gondelstraat‘s backyard, and they need to be taken out. Normally, this would be Zabi’s work. Zabi is the one who use to help out cleaning our dorm. He’s nice and warm, his English is more basic than me but he always try so hard to communicate with us. But he’s missing, for more than a week. I heard that he’s on vacantie, or something like that.

Well, ok, let’s do the community work. I dragged one bins, and Kristian dragged the other one. Passing through the small halls… 2 doors… aha, finally we’re out! We even argued a little about the place to put the containers. Kristian said it has to be as close as possible to the street, i said, no, pull it back a bit.

Then suddenly this man who turns out to be our neighbour came. He’s so neat, probably on his way to office. While unlocking his bike he asked us, “are you students? They made you do this kind of work?” Then we had that small conversation about garbage going on with Sultan – his name. I asked him whether it is ok for us to leave the bins outside, even though today is not the schedule for the city to collect the garbage. Smiling, Sultan explained that if people from the cleaning department (or something like that) see this, they might take a note, and send you a fine. Yeah right, with his smiley face i thought he was joking. But somehow i get a feeling that he might not be. So i asked him, “are you serious?”

Well, not long after that i found myself dragging the garbage bins again, back to the back yard of our dorm, and have to wait for next Wednesday night to get it out again.

Okay… I see now. Another encounter with the way things work in Holland. Of course, Chrysant. This is not Manado where you can take out your garbage everyday, anytime 😀


One thought on “Zabi is missing

  1. Which means we have to take out the garbage Wednesday night (I think). Yes, it seems our neighbor was so used to living in Holland that he can explain getting fined with a big smile.

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