Trip to Madrid: Story about Cortado – Spanish Coffee

I drank my first Cortado in Madrid, during our study visit.
It was a bit rainy in that afternoon, i think the earth was trying to give balance to the heat of summer in Madrid. With some friends i went to a bar just around the corner of Hotel Fansisco I, the place where i stayed. Gazing to the raindrops… silent street… accompanied by Cortado. It was really nice, that first experience.

People say that Cortado is simply espresso with a drop of warm milk. But for me Cortado has more charm than that. It’s simply indescribeable. Cortado is served in a very small cup, makes you cherish every sip you take. You can always order for more though. There are various forms of Cortado. You can request for Cortado with warm milk or with cold milk (short milk). Both are nice.

July the 14, at night in the airport. I decided to end my wonderful days in Madrid by drinking Cortado again.



2 thoughts on “Trip to Madrid: Story about Cortado – Spanish Coffee

  1. Another comment for Chrysant… a coffee lover, aren’t you? When I was in Europe, I never skipped to taste coffee in each city, in each country… Hmm… It’s quite interesting and a must for me since I’m a coffe lover too… soooo much…

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