Frequently Asked Question

Most frequent-asked-question in ISS these days: “Are you going to go back home for your research?”

A question that I also often asked to other people. To all my friends in ISS. To those who are close to me and to those who are not. A question that i sincerely want to know the answer, and not just a question that i ask for making a conversation. It is strange because I know that even if they are around, i might not see them often. But knowing that some of them will be away makes me feel somewhat lonely. I don’t like to see the empty hall ways in ISS, empty canteen, or the library with empty seats… And i hate to admit that i’m starting to miss the hustle bustle of group work, assignments, presentations, reader, classes, films sessions… I feel like im alone with my RP which is so full of uncertainty.

Last night most of Gondel people have a drink in a cafe near the beach. Fany will Dscn7973 be away for months, Rina as well, Tina is no longer here, Manana too, Carlos, Chika, and Jason has already moved… Gondel, my nick for our dorm, will again be empty. My constant companion now is the flies, that are suddenly flying around my window since summer time.

Ah, it’s July already. 5 months left.


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