and the world keeps on turning…

Moving on, with all the things that keep me busy.

The sun comes and goes, along with the ups and downs of my research paper design. There are times i feel so excited, there are times i feel so insecure and lost! I dont know where i’m going. Sometimes it gets so frustrating, even if i dance around and have fun with friends like in the ISS international day, i still have this thing on the back of your mind. Oh my…

I end all my courses here in ISS with HRE class yesterday. Soon it’ll be just me and my Research Paper Design. ohhh…. TIME FLIES!!!! Feels like its only in a blink of an eye and here i am, mid-year already, having to present my RPD tomorrow. I’m also starting to get mails from the coming new batch, asking me this and that about living in the Netherlands, made me realize that i’ll soon be ‘the old-batch’.

But the good thing about it is that…

Oh im sorry i think i should stop.

Light bulb!

Essay calls.


One thought on “and the world keeps on turning…

  1. Hey Chrys… same here… i was burried with thousand of books… I still have another exam tomorrow, my last one… And I’ll be relief for a while… Can wait for my next travelling to Melbourne and Gold Coast next week… of course with my Aa… Another journey, hehehe….

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