Tulips of Keukenhof!

Last week with 3 busses full of ISS students (plus diploma students and some families), we went to Keukenhof!!! This trip was arranged by ISS, I love it! We were given a discounted ticket and ISS also arranged the transportation.

It was great, and the weather was very nice as well! It reminds me to the first ISS trip to Zaansche Sans trip, the one we had at the end of the orientation week (when we were still young, free, happy go lucky hehehe….)

Keukenhof is another dream come true for me. I remember i used to wish to visit this place. You can spend a lot of time admiring the tulips in pictures. Imagine if you can see millions of them in a beautiful garden like Keukenhof! Here’s one photo of the tulips, a variety that is so unique:

The garden was touristy though, but good thing it’s a huge garden. But still, sometimes its hard to get a picture without capturing the people that i dont know 🙂 I guess people really want to take a good use of the opportunity to visit Keukenhof, since it only opens for about two months. Well, spring is always so precious!!

There was also a bride with the wedding dress, maybe they were there for their pre-wedding picture. Keukenhof is definitely the perfect place for it. Not only that it has flowers in so many attractive colours and different sizes, it also has thematic gardens inside. I can’t tell you how many varieties of tulips are there. There are tons of them, and some have unique names (like, pinochio or mickey mouse…)

The Bride

I really enjoy the visit, even though we spent most of the time walking and walking, trying to see all part of the garden. We only took a short break for lunch under the tree… And suddenly we have to go back to the buss, it’s 2.30 already. 3 hours is surely not enough for Keukenhof!!

From there we biked home (this time without jacket!), accidentally with all Gondel people. Kristian suggested that we take a detour to the Westbroekpark garden. So there we were with Rina, Marcia, Barbara, and Carlos (and then Shipo, Jessica’s dog!), all laying on the green grass… enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. What a lovely weekend to remember!

If you happen to be in Holland around Spring time, you definitely don’t want to miss the Keukenhof!


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