Liberation day

It’s Liberation Day, 5th of May! It’s a Dutch National holiday (Bevrijdingsdag) to mark the end of occupation by Nazi during WW II. There is a minute of silence, to remember and honor the dead. There are also festivals at most places in the Netherlands.

I decided not go to any festivals… I guess something that I can do for this liberation day is to liberate myself from all the books 😀

It’s a sunny day, so we went to the beach – again – but this time without Shipo, Jessica’s dog who stays here in our dorm Gondel for 10 days.

It was nice to walk with Shipo yesterday, i really enjoy walking a dog, remembering the times i used to have with my dogs. The bad thing is, Shipo is not like other cool Dutch dogs… if he sees another dog, he will surely chase after it! What an aggressive dog you Shipo! It was hilarious though, when i saw Kristian chasing Shipo while Shipo was chasing somebody else’s dog, hehehe… Dsc01511_1

Today i went to the beach with Jun and Kristian.  It was so nice just to sit and talk, gossiping a bit (it was Jun!). I haven’t been doing this for such a loooong….time! People are everywhere, but i anticipate more during Summer. Sunbathing, digging up the sand, surfing, swimming, kissing ^_^ And there’s a parade of the veterans in their Jeeps too. There are also Sand sculptures, but i only catch two, don’t know if they have more at the other part of the beach…


Well, good thing of living in Scheveningen, eh…

We can always go to the beach at any time we want!

I will surely miss this one day.


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