First of May

First of May and summer is just around the corner, but Den Haag is soaking wet from the non-stop rain today. The rain drags down the temperature a bit, and it felt really cold when I bike home in the rain. But I liked it. The cool temperature and the dark sky actually brought me back to a short retreat to the past, to the winter days some months ago.

Yes the days were cold and grey, but during that time the things were more certain in terms of my studies. We have the routine: going to class, working on our assignments, discussing stuffs, having exams, and so on. But now as I come closer to the research time, I’m getting more and more nervous about whether I’ll be able to pull everything together. Since there won’t be classes no more, I should be able to build my own rhythm on working and managing my time. Which may mean that I should spend less time blogging and chatting, and get started on something more productive now 🙂

Sometimes I wish that I have the discipline and persistence, like most of my Japanese friends. They seem to be able to work all the time. I don’t know how they do it. But let’s not worry, let’s be happy. I know comparing myself to my other friends won’t get me anywhere.

I shall find a way to make it. Bring it on!!!


One thought on “First of May

  1. Hi Chrysant… seneng deh baca blog-nya… Hmmm… kalo baca, jadi rindu menderu ama Den Haag… ama temen2 di sana… pa kabar semuanya? Udah bikin research desain ya? Sukses selalu ya…

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