Cozy Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is always relaxing and peaceful. The traffic is not busy, and so one of my favorite Sunday morning activities is to bike to church.

The church is located at Bezuidenhoutseweg 157, and so it was a pretty long bike ride from my place in Scheveningen. It’s not that it’s really far…. but I’ve learned that if we only allow 15 minutes for it, we’d be late 😀

Here’s the route that we take from Gondelstraat 31 (unfortunately the “get direction” won’t show):

My favorite part is riding along Haringkade, passing the Westbroekpark and its canal. It’s such a beautiful view, with the ducks swimming around and the flowers start blossoming. The street is often empty and quiet, until we hit Madurodam (the parking lot is usually full of tourist buses).

Koninginnegracht is government offices area, so it’s also empty in weekends. Then we will pass the Albert Plesman‘s statue at the Plesmanweg. This street is named after him, he was the founder of KLM and was from Den Haag.

Further down the road, we will hit Malieveld. This is where the city held its annual Pasar Malam Indonesia, Kermis and a lot of other events.

Once we get to the Central Station, I often take time to see the giant white and black clock located at its parking lot to find out how many minutes we have left. That determines whether we should be rushing or taking our time for the rest of our journey to the church.

Oh, I know that this has become a routine that I will surely miss someday.



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