Holland and its strong winds

Holland is known for it’s strong winds. The Holland guide book that I got from StuNed even reminds us readers about it.

A lot of times it blows so hard that it’s challenging to bike fast. Sometimes I even feel that I’m about to fall from my bike! I also blame the wind for my bad hair days and also for my increased appetite (yes, the wind makes it cold and the cold makes me hungry all the time).

But of course, thanks to the wind, Holland has a very dependable (and renewable) energy source. Its windmills and wind turbines are generating power that is sufficient to light thousands of houses.

And personally, there’s something that i really like about the wind. We can’t see the wind but we can see its effect to the clouds. Since it blows so hard, every time i look out of my window I get different kinds of clouds; cumulus, stratus, cirrus, nimbus – and they all keep changing within minutes! So nice to see how it stretches across the sky like a huge blanket, always in different patterns.

It gives me a reason to pause every once in a while to enjoy the view, which is much more interesting than this boring Arial fonts in the pdf file that I’ve been staring at on my laptop screen (don’t know when I’ll finish reading these required readings).

Well, there’s always something good in everything, right?

Even in this strong, strong wind…


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