Discount Card for NS Train

Today Kristian and I bought the NS discount card.

It costs us 55 Euro, but now every time we travel after 9AM, we can get 40% discount on the train ticket! And each card holder is entitled to bring other 3 people with him/her, each with the 40% discounted rate too!! It’s a good deal especially if you’ll be traveling around Holland by train. Oh I so love this deal!

I decided to buy the card although technically, if I travel with Kristian I can also get the discounted rate. But the thing is, it means i can only have the discount every time I travel with him (as the card holder). Not sure that will always be the case, so I bought it too.

If you’re not the card holder and you’re not traveling with the card holder, don’t even try to use this card… or you’ll end up paying a fine! 😀 This is one of the things that the old batch can’t give out to the new batch, unlike all the food appliances, clothes, rugs, bikes, or all those other things that they can’t carry home 😀



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