Dedicated to 1105

Dear 1105,

I’m writing this to express the way you make me feel.

I have to be honest that lately, you’re always on my mind. You’re the one I’m always thinking of…

At night as I try to close my eyes, you’re there. During the day as I try to do anything else, you’re still there. There just seem to be no way that I can escape you! Even in the weekend when I don’t have to meet you in campus, I can’t stop thinking about you!

My world is full with you. Only you, and there’s no other. And I hope you can see how I always put you in my top priority.

Because of you, my sleeping hours is becoming totally random. I would wake up early in the morning to get myself ready to meet you, and I would sleep late at night just thinking about our meeting that day…

There are times that you strike me with your incomprehensible thoughts. There are times that I feel so excited, eager to know you more and more. But there are also times when I feel that I had enough of you.

There are also times when I feel so certain that I can get you somehow, but many times I feel like I’m loosing you. And I can’t help but felling jealous to those brilliant girls – who seem to know you better than I do. Damn!

Now, here I am.

Look at me!

I’m still lost in your discourses.

Oh Course 1105, Gender Discourses… please set me free…

look what you’ve done to me!!!


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