Meet Cool Girl, my new bike!

Yippie… Today is sunny, and it’s such a happy day for me…

First, i had a nice breakfast with my dorm mate. Such a nice start for the day.

Second, guess what: I HAVE MY OWN BIKE!!! It’s a blue bike, and it has a writing that says ‘COOL GIRL’ 🙂 It’s so me, right? Bwahaha…. I love it because it’s not as big, the size is perfect for me. I bought it in Kringlop, discounted from 55 euro to 52.5. Good deal for a used bike, and it wasn’t a stolen bike! I have a feeling that the previous owner is a small kid though, haha… But i don’t care, i need a bike that i can manage… Especially considering that i just learned to bike weeks before I departed to Holland!

I bought the bike with Hao Jun, my Chinese friend. He then leads the way across Scheveningenweg, passing Vredespaleis, turning here and there and suddenly we’re at the campus! I’m sooo happy to be able to go campus by bike, instead of by taking the tram. Hey, i can stop buying strippenkaart and start saving some money for shopping!

The lunch break today was also nice. I had lunch with my Japanese friend Yoshi san. We ate at the canteen as usual, and after that we went outside for sunbathing! It is something that i would never do in my hometown. But here in Holland, i got to learn to appreciate the sunshine…

Another nice thing: my Gender Discourses class today went so fine. i know that i’m on track and i’m not as bad as i thought i will be (i don’t know if it’s just my optimism taking over, but i do have a good feeling) 🙂

Also, today mbak Dina came with a news that the allowance has finally arrived savely in our bank account! Whew!!!! What other thing that can make my day brighter? This is like Jeffrey Sachs’s book title; the End of Poverty, bhuahaha… 😀


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