Still in Honeymoon

My second week in Holland.

Everything still looks beautiful, I’m healthy and happy, so life is good (except for the fact that my money is tight, and the scholarship hasn’t sent our allowance money yet.)

The classes are still in the introductory period. But oh, I’m starting to get the long list of required reading for every class that I take. Suddenly I have to get to know Michel Foucault and his power/knowledge and discourses. Everyone seems to be talking about him like he’s an old friend, while I have a zero knowledge about him and his theories. Lesson here is that, if you are coming from a different study background like me, you may want to read as much as you can about the field that you’re going to study. Otherwise, you might feel that you’re behind already, even before the classes started. Ouch, I hate that feeling.

To make matters complicated, I seem to be losing my reading ability! I’ve been reading the same paragraph over and over, and I don’t understand it. I’m sooooo… slow, I don’t know when I’m going to be able to finish this article!

So I’m dealing with this predicament by eating, checking what’s on TV, chatting, and blogging.

And complaining about my reading ability.


One thought on “Still in Honeymoon

  1. Foucault? hua haha… welcome to the club… aku kenalan dengan dia di semester pertamaku, dimana aku mulai familiar dengan kata discourse…
    Aku ingat waktu baca buku ‘Social Constructionism’ aku shock karena udah tiga kali baca nggak ngerti juga… padahal baru dua bab…
    Pada akhirnya aku lega saat ketemu teman2 Australians yang notabene first languagenya English, tapi ternyata nggak ngerti juga… lama kelamaan baru aku ‘ngeh’, dan get the point, ternyata menarik juga…
    di semester tiga ini aku ambil ‘Narrative therapy’ dan ternyata discourse-discourse itu nongol lagi, juga saudaranya discursive hahaha.
    So, simpoy… the moral of this story is:
    you’re not always understand the reading on your first try, hihihi

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