First Birthday in Holland

September 9th, 2005. Today I turn 23, and  today was my:

  • First birthday away from home.
  • First birthday when I have friends from different nationalities who sing me the birthday song in different languages; Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch!
  • First time visiting Zaanse Schans! The campus organized a trip to this tourist attraction in North Holland to celebrate the end of our Orientation Week (and my birthday!)
  • First time riding a double-decker bus! (I’m a little embarrassed, but there’s no double-decker bus in my hometown :D)
  • First time seeing a multi-story parking lot, not for cars but for bikes!! I think it may hold thousands of bikes. Only in Amsterdam 🙂
  • First time wearing clogs!
  • First time seeing the VOC ship replica. With this ship the settlers transported back the spices, fabrics and the like from Batavia, Indonesia to Amsterdam.
  • First time riding a boat that goes along the canals of Amsterdam.
  • First time staying in campus until midnight, not for studying but for a party! The campus organized a welcome party for us. Totally awesome!
  • First dance with African songs!

Ah…. thank God for these new experiences! I’m so ready for the many more of “my first…” in Holland.



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